"The Friend" was Sam - bogged down with moving violations, excessive EZPass fines, and a slew of parking tickets. What Sam didn't have was a way to get rid of his tickets, faster than the speed of New York cops. Frustrated with playing phone tag and chasing lawyers in dusty offices, Sam ended up venting to his attorney friend - a little bit too often!

The attorney's solution? Flickit. A ticket out of traffic violation stress

A platform where you can:

  • Hand over tickets with the click of a button.
  • Have other nice people take responsibility for your tickets.
  • Expect a friendly call or two from a ticket-fighting team member.
  • Sign up to sit at home while lawyers represent them in court.
  • Have their best chance of winning!
And that is how nice people can enjoy ticket freedom!

Flick my ticket

The Flickit people. Nice to you,
Not so nice to traffic tickets.

  • Steven L. Ginsberg Attorney in chief

    Steven has 30 years of experience in courtrooms, specializing in traffic violations. While he received his legal training at Pace University Law School, his real training has been in court, repeatedly slamming down tickets.

  • Sarah Ticket response lead

    Having Sarah handle your ticket is always a treat. Sarah is great at asking the right questions – to get you out of your ticket pickle. She’s also friendly and non-judgemental, but don’t worry, Sarah won’t stall your time talking about the weather.

  • Esty Ticket-trouble shooter

    Esty is a know-it-all without the know-it-all ego. Oh, and she’s real fast too – because she’s always got those tickets on her mind. Esty’s knowledge of the details that make or break a ticket-fighting case means she’ll only ask you the questions that matter most.

  • Dov The fleet-master

    Dov has always loved trucks – and as our Trucking Pro rep, he’ll share that love with your fleet of business vehicles. He’ll always have his eye on your fleet, and watch out for nasty tickets – so your trucks can always hit the road running.

start rollin' stress-free

Flick my Ticket