tickets happen. The good news?
Flickit fights them all.

  • Moving Violations

    Get a fighting chance of winning the tickets you scored for the oops moments behind the wheel. Think speeding, running red lights and stop signs, and DUIs.

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  • FlickitproParking Tickets

    Hey New Yorker, we get it. Avoiding parking tickets is impossible. For $9.99 a month, we’ll watch out for parking tickets, fight them, or pay them up.

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  • Winning is a good look.

    To say it simply – we are your best chance at winning. Our pro lawyers have years of experience in courts, successfully slamming thousands of tickets.

  • Honesty, honesty, and honesty.

    We let you know if there’s a win in sight or if your ticket’s a lost cause. You can enjoy not being taken for a ride, just simple straight talk.

  • Fancy white-glove service.

    Submit your ticket and step back. We offer a valet-like service, taking on the mental load of your ticket, so you don’t have to.

  • Real humans, never bots.

    Forget automated responses; at Flickit, you’re guaranteed support from real, empathetic humans – every step of the way. Message us and expect a call-back!

  • No court time, more couch time.

    Leave the courtrooms to TV shows. Flickit handles all the real-life legal stuff, because who has time or patience for all that drama?

  • Fewer points, more freedom.

    By keeping your license points down, you’ll avoid your insurance premiums from rising. That’s a lot of money at stake down the line.

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Questions? We've got
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  • Do you deal with EZPass fines?

    Yes! We negotiate lower payments when you rack up extra large E-ZPass fines. We’ll slash or trash your fines – because who wants to pay more?

  • What happens if I leave my traffic tickets hanging?

    Trust us, you don’t want to know – but you did ask! You’ll get fines, rack up points on your driver’s record [which means more expensive insurance premiums], and run the risk of a license suspension [biking to work] or even an arrest warrant.

  • Can I just fight my ticket myself?

    If you have the time and energy, and are okay with not necessarily having a fighting chance – sure! But, we truly think you’d enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with offloading your tickets to Flickit.

  • How long do I have to pay my NYC ticket ?

    Only 30 days. It’s worth hurrying up to avoid nasty extra penalties.

  • Who should sign up for Flickit Pro?

    NYC residents. Let’s face it, parking tickets and NYC go hand in hand. Flickit Pro is designed to help busy New Yorkers like you manage your parking tickets from A-Z.

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